Four Reasons You Need Auto Insurance in Florida

Having auto insurance is an absolute requirement for any responsible driver. Not having it can result in terrible debt and financial ruin in the case of an accident. Even more, getting insurance has been made remarkably simple thanks to the internet. Getting auto insurance quotes Florida online has become as simple as a quick search and the entering of some personal information. Even more, these auto insurance quotes Florida online can be available for view within minutes, allowing drivers to quickly insure their car and themselves. 

No. 1: To Keep You Auto Insurance Record Continuous and Constant

Having a complete and uninterrupted record of car insurance will make a driver’s record seem more legitimate when they decide to go and get insurance in the future. According to, having a large blank period will not only raise questions but can even get you denied insurance in the future. Even more, some drivers decide to lie in order to get their future insurance (by saying they were not driving during the open period) which is proved to be a lie, can result in the auto insurance provider deciding to cancel your policy and refuse to settle an open claim in order to avoid losing money on your account. What is the best way to avoid this? Simply keep current and legal car insurance at all times as a driver – it protects you and everyone else on the road. 

No. 2: Having Complete Medical Care for Anyone Hurt in an Accident

While everybody is supposed to have auto insurance, not everyone is required to have medical insurance. To make up for this, if someone is injured in an accident and it is deemed your fault, your insurance will cover their medical bills even if they do not have medical insurance. This may seem like a roundabout system, however, if a victim is severely injured in a car accident that was not their fault, they deserve to receive the medical treatment they deserve without hassle. Even more, simply because you do not have insurance does not mean you are not liable for their medical bills. By simply keeping auto insurance you can prevent an accident from ruining a life. 

No. 3: If you are in an Accident that is not your Fault but the Other Driver is Uninsured you are Protected

In the case you are in an accident with an uninsured driver, you are not left without protection – both medical and auto. While legally the driver at fault is responsible for the damage, medical bills, and pain and suffering – the difference is a long and frustrating road of chasing money. This alone makes insurance a must-have. If an irresponsible driver totals your car, and neither of you has insurance, you will probably not be getting a new car. 

No. 4: Is Required by Law

While it may be a simple one, it is certainly worth mentioning. Driving without insurance in the United States of America is illegal. All drivers are required by law to have auto insurance and if you are driving without it, you are subject to losing your license as well as a plethora of other legal actions. 

Now that you know why you need it, where can you get the best deals on car insurance in Florida? The best place is online at websites like this one. At Florida Insurance Quotes you get multiple quotes from the best carriers that you qualify for, saving you time and money.

Top 5 Reasons You Need Florida Boat Insurance

If you own a boat, you know how much fun it can be to enjoy a day out on the water. The sun, the waves, and the accident – well, maybe the accident isn’t so much fun. And although accidents can be hard to avoid, being prepared for them is not. Https:// says buying boat insurance is a necessity if you own a watercraft. Let’s go over the top 5 reasons you need to buy insurance (besides the obvious).

  1. Appease the marinas. Oftentimes, before you can launch or moor your boat at a marina, you have to have proof of insurance. The owners of the marina aren’t going to want to have to cover your damages – or anyone else’s, should your boat be the vehicle at fault. It doesn’t matter whether you have an expensive, large boat or a small dinghy. You need to be prepared to take the risk of its loss or the other boat owner’s loss. Furthermore, your boat may need to be insured before you take it on land. Check the requirements of your marina.
  2. Protect yourself. Have you ever stopped to consider what would happen to you if your valuables were stolen? You’d want to insure them, right? Well, the same applies to your boat. If your valuables are stolen while you’re on board, boat insurance should cover that. Insurance can also protect you against the costs involved with recovering a boat if it sinks. It’s no fun to think about, but it’s happened, so it’s best to be prepared on all fronts.
  3. Don’t kowtow to towing costs. If your boat has to be towed, chances are that your motor insurance doesn’t cover that, especially if your boat is damaged in the towing process. You don’t have to fork over tons of money for a tow when you’ve paid your insurance dues. With boat insurance, there’s no need to worry about exorbitant prices involved with trailer towing.
  4. Avoid injury-related bankruptcy. Although it’s really no fun to think about, there’s always a chance of personal injury while aboard a watercraft. If you injure someone else, or you are injured by another watercraft, the costs associated with personal injury or damage claims can bankrupt you. Don’t be caught unaware without insurance. Third party coverage can keep you safe in the event of an accident-related injury. 
  5. Prepare yourself for boat ownership. Many dealerships will require proof of insurance before they agree to fund you for your boat. You can always arrange your insurance plan ahead of time to avoid issues in the future. If you’re concerned about the cost of insurance or about which package is right for you, talk to a boat insurance agent and find out what the pros and cons of each package is.  

With these few tips, you will hopefully be able to decide which package is correct for you. Boat insurance is a necessity – so be sure to pick the package here that is the best for your needs.

Florida Home Insurance Guide For New Homeowners

If you are a first-time homeowner, you will need to know how to cover your first big purchase. You find that perfect house, the homeowner finally accepts the offer, and now it is the time you’ve been dreading, time to collect a FL home insurance quote! Homeowners insurance in Florida is vital when it comes time to cover your dream home. A mortgage lender will require you to carry home insurance.

Never just solely rely on basic coverage! You need to be sure that your insurance protects you from complete financial disaster.  It is important to shop around for quotes here in order to find the best deals out there.

If you are planning on buying your first home or you already have, you may be familiar with Florida home insurance. There are a few similarities when comes to them both. For example, personal property coverage. However, there is a lot more to lose when it comes to a home.

What does home insurance cover?

When it comes to homeowners insurance in Florida, you need to know what it covers. With a basic homeowners insurance policy, it will cover these five areas.

Dwelling coverage – this covers your home

Other property– this covers all detached structures on your property.

Personal property –this covers all property within your home

Liability coverage– this is covering you in case a visitor comes and suffers an injury and sues you.

Additional living expenses– this will cover you if your home becomes inhabitable and you have to go live elsewhere.

It is extremely important to know what isn’t covered by your homeowners insurance policy. Be sure to read the exclusion section in your home insurance policy. By understanding what is and isn’t covered, is just as important as knowing what is covered when making a claim. It is also important not to file a claim for damage that isn’t covered under your policy.  This is because it will still be reported on your claims record. Which could lead to higher rates.

If you are looking to save money, along with collecting a home insurance quote at, you can see if you are eligible for discounts. Many Florida homeowners insurance companies provide discounts that you qualify for. Some of the most common discounts are bundling, automatic payment, and having a security system.

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